no use. 

you know how girls get.

Inside her,                                    












Bad Accusations f  l y

She’s hurt.

He is strong.

She’s half of him.

It’s no use.


SoClose. By Sara Weber

In my writing of SoClose. I wanted to draw the reader’s attention to gender inequalities that are so prevalent throughout the United States and the world. My piece was comprised of words found in the song “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” sung by “The Police”. I found this song to make me uncomfortable. It speaks about the temptation that a male teacher has for a female student. As a female student, I have been objectified in the classroom before and have been made uncomfortable by a male teacher. Students should not enter school, a place of learning, and feel uncomfortable or vulnerable.

As a future teacher, one of my main goals will be to make my students feel comfortable. This song makes me realize how important that goal is. A line that struck me in this song is “You know how bad girls get”. While I don’t know the intent that the writer of this song had, I can make the assumption that it wasn’t a good one. This line is a hasty generalization used against women, and it makes me very upset. My goal for this found poem is that the reader understands that women are just as important as men, and should not be made to feel otherwise.

2 Replies to “SoClose.”

  1. Hi Sara! I really liked your found poem, especially how you played with structure and spacing. I love The Police but I’ve always thought this song is a little much. You made that even more clear. My poem was similar in topic and I agree that no one should be objectified or made to feel uncomfortable, especially in a setting such as a school. The way you spelled out temptation as an acrostic was so creative and really symbolizes the fact that it is often an underlying factor that contributes to women being objectified. Really great work!

  2. Hey Sara! I really liked your found poem, and I 100% agree with you that no female student should feel uncomfortable due to a male teacher, or male student. As a future teacher myself, I know how important it is to treat everyone equally, and also to make sure your own students treat their peers equally too.

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