Hi, I’m Sara!

Hi, I’m Sara! I’m from Long Island and this is my second year at Cortland. I’m an Adolescent English major, I recently switched my major and I’m glad I did! I am on the Ultimate Frisbee Team here at Cortland and enjoy doing that in my free time.

Hi, my name is Treasa!

I’m a sophomore here and I am majoring in Criminology at the moment. I’m from Schenectady, NY which is right outside of Albany. I enjoy seeing friends, spending time with my puppy, and also with my family. I’m super excited for this semester and to get to know everyone!

Hey, my name is Lindsay

Hello everyone! I am a freshman at SUNY Cortland and am studying Speech and Hearing Sciences. I am from a little town named Darien (if you’ve ever been to a Darien Lake concert, I live two seconds down the road). I am the youngest in my family, unless you count my little chocolate lab. I love the outdoors and dill pickles!

Hey, my name is Ryan Kaplan

I am a sophomore at SUNY Cortland, my major is English Education. I am from Farmingville NY, a smaller town in Long Island, where I attended high school at Sachem East. I enjoy listening to rap music (any rapper that is decent and most music in general besides rap,) and I also enjoy watching sports. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone this semester!

Hey, I’m Kayla!

I’m a freshman with a Speech and Hearing Sciences major, and I want to eventually be a Speech Language pathologist in an elementary school. I’m from a town 20 minutes away from Albany, NY. I really enjoy just hanging out with friends, listening to music, and going to concerts. I’m excited to get to know everyone better this semester and make even more friends!

Hey my name is Lauren!

Hi everyone my name is Lauren and I’m from Long Island. My major is Speech and Hearing Science, I really want to work at a school helping little kids after I finish college! I am unfortunately a middle child but also the only girl so it balances out. I love listening to music, going to concerts, and I definitely want to try and learn to play an instrument. I’m looking forward to this semester and to meet all of you!!

Hi, my name is Chris Knickerbocker

I am a senior at SUNY Cortland pursuing a Bachelors degree in Mathematics. I am from Buffalo NY living in a small town called East Aurora where I attended Highschool. I came to Cortland my sophmore year after One year at Erie Community College. I originally was Born in Guatemala and move to the United States at the age of four after being adopted. I plan on graduating in May and taking a year off to figure out what I want to go for grad school and later pursue the career that is best fit for me.

Hi, my name is Emma!

Hi Everyone, I am a sophomore transfer student here at SUNY Cortland from Quinnipiac University. I am from Long Island, NY and I am majoring in Criminology. I have an older brother and an older sister and I have played 3 sports my entire life. During my free time, I love to spend time with my friends and listen to music. I am really looking forward to this class and I am excited to see what this semester will bring!!

Hi! My name is Lily.

Hi everyone. I’m a freshman this year here at Cortland and I’m from Seaford which is on Long Island. I’m also a speech and hearing sciences major and I love to work with kids. I have worked with children with special needs since I was in elementary school and I am so excited to continue in my future career. I look forward to meeting everyone and having a great semester!

Hi my name is Sam!

Hey everyone my name is Samantha but I usually go by Sam. I’m from Long Island, the land of better bagels and pizza and I’m currently an English major here at Cortland. I’m the oldest of 5 and my younger sister is also a C State student. Looking forward to another great semester and good literature.