infidelity by Jaden Forteau

In today’s generation, rap has many functions. Conscience rappers, like Tupac Shakur and Common choose to rap to get a positive or important message across. They focus on creating awareness on topics such as discrimination and politics. There are also “Gangster rappers” who choose to rap about what life is like living on the streets and hustling to make money. You will most likely hear “Gangster rappers” showing off their exotic cars and exotic women in their music. This is exactly what the rapper Future did in his song called “My Collection”.

 I chose to rearrange and cut the lyrics to this highly offensive song. I picked this song because the lyrics are a huge disrespect towards women and that made me infuriated. He spoke of them as items instead of humans with lyrics such as “Even if I hit you once, you part of my collection” and “Any time I got you, girl you my possession”. I rearranged these lyrics into a female response. I titled my found poem as “infidelity” so that you guys can be aware about what you’re going to read about, and hopefully a better understanding after you have read it. In my found poem, a woman finds out her significant other has been being unfaithful and this is her response to him.

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