Toni Morrison’s Influence on People

At the Toni Morrison roundtable event, I was shocked how many people showed up to the event. It proved that her books shaped and changed a lot of people’s lives. What I enjoyed most about the event was each English department professor shared their piece of inspiration from Morrison. 

One of the best speakers that I have heard was our professor, Dr. Savonick. When she spoke, it was almost as if she was Toni Morrison through her abstract descriptions and imageries. Toni Morrision made Dr. Savonick raise questions about womanhood. Some Revolutionary authors that influenced Dr. Savonick’s work of literature were Toni Cade Bambara, Adrienne Rich, June Jordan, and Audre Lorde. If I hadn’t gone to this event, I would have never known that my own English professor is working on publishing a book called “Insurgent Knowledge.”    What really caught my eye was when she said f

To extrapolate, I am so excited I got to experience an event like this, especially since I had no idea who Toni Morrison is. Hearing different perspectives from each speaker on how Morrison’s story affect them, made me want to read her novels. I would recommend that if there is another Toni Morrison event again, everyone should go. It is really engaging and interesting! 

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