Toni Morrison’s Influential Life

On Thursday of this past week, I was able to attend the Toni Morrison event. I am not only glad I have attended to learn more about such an influential woman, but I was glad and surprised to see the entire lounge was filled as well. During this event, professors from different fields of education including the English department, Africana Studies department, Health department, Women’s studies, and others were all able to come together to express how Toni Morrison has influenced each of their own lives.

Before I attended this event, I was not too familiar with the works of Toni Morrison; but after attending this event and listening to the panel of professors speaking on behalf of her accomplishments, I have been inspired by all she has done and by all of those whom she has influenced. For those of you who are unsure, Toni Morrison was an American novelist, book editor, essayist, and a college professor. She was the winner of several prizes including the Nobel Prize in Literature, the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. One key moment that I was able to take away from this event was when Mr. James Felton spoke on how Toni Morrison was able to shape him to his core. She was a woman to fully embrace and understand the culture and history behind her heritage. She taught him the importance of staying in touch with where you come from, which he has now brought to his own classroom to teach his students.

Overall, I am extremely happy that I was able to attend the Toni Morrison event because I left with inspiration to continue my own life as she did hers. She has made such a large impact on the lives of so many, which motivates me to always put 100% effort into everything I am able to accomplish.

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