Toni Morrison

I am so glad I got to experience an event like this, especially since I had no prior knowledge of Toni Morrison or any of her works. I also enjoyed hearing different things from each speaker and the effect her stories had on them individually. The first speaker talked about the impact reading these books had on him and the connection he made with his culture. He learned to understand his background and how to be conscious of who he truly is. 

Hearing all about how this author leaves you wanting more and wondering what happens next, learning to be okay without this closure most books give to the reader makes me want to find one of her best books and read it for myself. It is clear that Morrison is a feminist and hearing another speaker talk about how she writes about female friendship and fear of how powerful women become once they come together. The inspiration this author had on all the speakers at this event reflects how good of a writer she truly was. Another speaker talked about a student he had that didn’t grasp the story he had read but loved the discussions they had after. He said all that matters is that you are able to be transformed by the challenge the story brings forth. Another student was shocked by the graphics of this story and he said to her that nonfiction presents the surface, fiction like this gets to the heart. This event was so informative and I’m very happy I went. 

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