An Invasion (of people? or of privacy?)

By Pilar Paez

I wanted to base my found poem after the constantly growing overextension of the U.S. government. My found poem is based off of an article from The New York Times, titled “U.S. Government Plans to Collect DNA From Detained Immigrants,” where it describes actions taken by the government. The administrators of this act, namely Donald Trump, base these actions off of the thought that having the DNA of detained immigrants can help them link together other criminals. As if detaining real people wasn’t enough deterioration the U.S. government plans to use these humans as a tool for investigation and therefore, steal a piece of their humanity.

I picked out significant parts of the article that focused on the infringement of civil liberties in the United States. I wanted to place emphasis on the abuse of authoritative power taken by the government as they are essentially collecting DNA from endangered groups. The government claims they are enforcing the nation’s immigration laws and protecting native-born citizens. However, they are attempting to do this by diminishing the rights of other people, who do not even pose a danger to society. Furthermore, there is no research to support that crime rates are higher among immigrants than native-born citizens. It is groundless to claim that these people are a threat to American society. Ending my poem with the word ‘abuse’ sums up this act by the government, as they are misusing their power for something that does not deserve it.  

2 Replies to “An Invasion (of people? or of privacy?)”

  1. Hey Pilar,
    I really loved your poem about the invasion of people or privacy. I loved how you added a bunch of finger prints to use as a creative aspect of our DNA. Reading this poem, it also enraged me because first of all Donald Trump treats immigrants horribly as if they aren’t even human and also because the act of what he is doing is just completely awful. I think you did a great job here, I really loved reading it because I could feel the rage too.

  2. Hey Pilar!! I really enjoyed your found poem and it definitely caught my eye when I was scrolling through all these pictures, I loved the fingerprints you added!! I honestly had no idea this was going on and I am glad I got the opportunity to learn about it through your poem in such a unique way. You did a great job with word placement and I truly feel you used the right words and phrases to get your point across. Descrimination towards these immigrants is so unfair and I completely agree with everything you said.

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