How Can a Pro-life World be Good for Women.

I chose to talk about the very controversial topic of the ban on abortion. The article I read talked all about how a pro-life world is good for women. This got me pretty angry considering society is once again trying to tell others what is good for them. How can something that takes away rights to my own body be good for me? I should be the one deciding what I want to do with my body but instead men are. The way I formatted my poem was to make the last word stand out so I made each line shorter than the last basically leading your eye right down to the final word, “pro-woman.” 

This project was a lot harder than I thought it would be because I had an idea of what I wanted to say but I had a limit on the things I could actually say since I had to use someone else’s words. It was also challenging since we had to make it about the complete opposite claim the article stated. It was still a lot of fun to make and I really enjoyed comparing the article to the poem because they are so different. Creating this one page took me a good amount of time so I can’t imagine how long it took to create something like Zong! 

3 Replies to “How Can a Pro-life World be Good for Women.”

  1. Hi Lauren! I loved your found poem. I also find it highly offensive that men in power are the one’s telling us females what to do with our body! Everyone has different circumstances and someone should not have the ability to control something so personal for someone else. My favorite part of your found poem was the last line “pro woman”, I feel as though it summarized your whole poem and left us with a powerful message. I also agree that this project was hard, but it really made me be as creative as possible , therefore I appreciate the results.

  2. Hi, Lauren. I really love your found poem idea on Abortion. What I really about it is that you made it misogynistic that Patriarchy is taking over society which is a problem. I also find it offensive that the Government chooses for Women to decide to keep their baby or not. The powerful message that I got throughout your found poem was “Pro-Women” and it shows that you are for women to have the deliberate decision to have their baby or not. Great poem!

    – Makense Garcia

  3. Hi Lauren! I really liked what you did with your found poem and how you were able to make the words stand out on the page. I also agree with your frustration because taking the basic human right of having a choice away from women is in no way good for us. I think that it is unfair that there are many people who have closed their minds to this topic, and see abortion as only a bad thing. Overall I think that your poem sends your message very clearly and hopefully other people will read it and change their perspective.

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