By: Lily Latham

For my poem I chose to focus on the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. From first glance of the song, it is not clear why this song would be offensive or wrong but it becomes clear when looking into the lyrics with more thought. The listener realizes that the lyrics seem creepy with the man almost forcing the woman to stay as she wants to leave. This disturbed me because it seems like rape, even if the lyrics were not meant to be creepy when they were written.

The poem is designed to look like a snowflake. This is important to the poem because it came from the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. The three parts of the snowflake, the left, middle, and right, represent three aspects of personality. These are the id, ego, and superego. In psychology, the id is like the devil on someone’s shoulder and the superego is the angel. The ego is a good mix between the two with conflicting ideas on both sides. The left side represents the superego and the thought of why the woman should leave the man’s house. The right side of the snowflake represents the id, which is the man telling her all the things to make her stay. The center line of the snowflake represents her conflicting thoughts between the angel and the devil on her shoulders. She is conflicted on whether or not to stay because of her id and her superego, which is why she says maybe another drink and continues to stay.

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  1. Hi Lily! I really enjoyed your found poem and how you used space to organize all instances of the woman’s psyche. I thought it was really creative! I always knew the lyrics of this song were kind of creepy, but I never thought of the lyrics in the way that your found poem expressed.

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