Real Love

REAL you

because LOVE

As it is in you

I want

I need

I need you

I need you

THAT’S love.

All the good and bad

its without a cause

I love you.

The question of what Love is has been a common theme throughout many years, and it can be very difficult to answer what Love actually is. There have been instances where Love is just a word thrown around in order to make others feel wanted. Some individuals do not know whether Love is a feeling or a lifestyle of devotion. At the end of the day, Love is whatever an individual says it is. It all depends on what it means to them. It can be an attachment or a relationship that has taken years to develop. It can be between family, friendships or intimate relationships with others.

I found this important because in our modern day age the idea of Love has been passed around and has even been apart of the Judicial system. The LGBTQ community has been an advocate for Love throughout the years and that it is okay to Love who you want to love because of who the person is on the inside. This poem entails this concept in that there is only a YOU and not a he or she. It’s about the person without a description or a label.

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