Police Brutality by Makense Garcia

For my poem assignment, One of the most offensive articles or cases that I found disturbing was the case of Amadou Diallo. It poorly discusses how the police officers approached Diallo. Diallo was an unarmed West African Immigrant who was shot 41 times because he was “acting suspicious.” It bothers me because all Diallo wanted to do was provide for his family. Instead, his life was taken away in the streets of Wheelock Avenue located in the Bronx, NY.

When I had to brainstorm for this project, I looked up police brutality backgrounds. The police officers attacking the African American showed up above. Also, I printed out The New York Times article about Amadou Diallo and cut out the the words that were essential to me. As you can tell, all the words that I cut out were related to Police Brutality. The word that I found disturbing was “41 shots” because it was unnecessary to even kill an unarmed African American. I hope you guys really like my found poem!

– Makense Garcia

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